The Principal Investigator

Since I have taken over the leading of the EMAT research group (Electron Microscopy for Materials Science) in 2003, the group has grown from about 20 to 45 researchers. Based on our excellent track record (publications, number of Ph.D. theses, citations, grants, ), and based on an external peer review, the group has been selected in 2007 as the core group of the NANO Research Centre of Excellence at the University of Antwerp (only five Excellence Centres were selected within the whole University). The NANO Centre of Excellence, of which I am now the director, contains 75 solid state scientists, experimentalists as well as theoreticians. In 2008 I have been awarded a Methusalem distinction by the Flemish government, with an annual funding of 800 kEuro. Within the EMAT research group we are focusing on new microscopy techniques (quantitative electron diffraction, quantitative high resolution, quantitative EELS and electron tomography) in combination with its application to nano structured materials with innovative properties (carbon based materials, multilayers, nanoparticles). The authority of the EMAT group and the PI are recognized by the fact that they coordinate the ESTEEM project, an IP3 project within the 6th framework of the EC. ESTEEM gathers the most prestigious EM centres in Europe . I have been selected as the coordinator, based on my track record (13000 citations; h = 51), as well as on my management capabilities.


Curriculum Vitae: Gustaaf VAN TENDELOO


•  Head of the EMAT research group

•  Director of the NANO Centre of Excellence

•  Full professor at the University of Antwerp

•  Part time professor at the University of Brussels (VUB)

•  Member of the research council of the University of Antwerp

•  Member of the scientific commission E6 (solid state physics) of the Fund for Scientific Research Flanders (FWO)

•  member of the scientific commission état solide (chimie-physique) of the Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS)

•  Evaluator of CNRS-France for various laboratories ( Caen , Grenoble , Bordeaux , Toulouse , )

•  Evaluator of several national science foundations ( Switzerland , the Netherlands , France , Germany , Sweden , USA , )


Scientific activities

* 700 publications in international journals with referee system
* 16 000 citations in the ISI index
* h-index: 58
* Invited speaker at over 100 international conferences
* Editor "Handbook of Microscopy"
* Editor of "Handbook on Nanoscopy"
* Member of editorial board of: 6 ISI journals


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